Boost Your Social Proof with User Testimonials

Boost Your Social Proof with User Testimonials

Have you ever found yourself choosing a restaurant because it had rave reviews? That’s the power of testimonials in action! User testimonials are the modern-day word of mouth, helping potential customers feel confident about choosing your product or service.

They show real people who have had positive experiences with what you offer, making your brand appear more trustworthy.

In this article, we will explore the nitty-gritty of collecting user testimonials that can transform the face of your website!

Why You Should Start Collect Testimonials?

User testimonials serve as powerful tools to showcase the positive experiences of your customers. They provide social proof, which is crucial in gaining the trust of potential customers.

Social proof is a great way to build trust and relationship.

When visitors see positive feedback from satisfied customers, they are more likely to trust your brand and make a purchase.


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How Can Testimonials Benefit Me?

Testimonials can work wonders for your business. Whether you're running an online business, a brick-and-mortar business, or selling info products, having positive testimonials could bolster your credibility and enhance your brand's voice.

With user testimonials, it could increase conversions, elevate brand trust, and give your brand a human touch.

Superblog testimonial
Superblog - Wall of Love

Look at all these positive testimonials for Superblog, if you want a fast SEO-optimized blog, you'll know what to choose.

In essence, they serve as social proof, attesting to the value of what you deliver, and can greatly influence the decision-making of prospective customers.

Let’s break down how you can effectively collect these golden nuggets of feedback.

What Are the Advantages of Featuring Testimonials Prominently?

The advantages of showcasing testimonials front and center on your website cannot be overstated. They act like friendly signposts, guiding potential customers toward a sense of ease and confidence.

By highlighting real stories and genuine experiences, testimonials underpin your brand’s authenticity and encourage visitors to transition from browsers to buyers.

Can You Make Collecting Testimonials Easier?

Absolutely! Making it easy for customers to leave feedback is crucial. makes it easy for users to embed a widget on your website with just 2 lines of code.

Testimonial Embed Scripts

<script async type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<div class="testimonial-to-embed" data-url="" data-allow="camera;microphone" data-resize="true"></div>

You'll be able to include a testimonial submission form on your website with a simple prompt to guide their response but encourage them to share their story in a way that feels natural to them.


I've used this on OpenGraph and collected 37 testimonials over times.

What about if you don't have a website? What if you're selling an info product on a third party website like Gumroad?

You could create a testimonial form with for free.

This is an example of testimonial form I created for my other project, KeywordGap.

By reducing friction in the feedback process, you’re likely to see a higher response rate.

What’s The Best Way To Encourage Customers To Provide Testimonials?

A heartfelt ask is often all it takes to encourage customers to share their stories. Express how invaluable their input is to your business and other customers. But don’t be shy to give a little nudge—offer incentives like discounts or entry into a giveaway. The key is to communicate that their time and effort are appreciated.

By valuing their voice, you'll not only gain testimonials but also foster stronger customer relationships.

How Can You Assure Authenticity In User Testimonials?

Authenticity is the currency of trust in testimonials. Always ask for permission to use customers’ feedback and clarify how you’ll use their words and names.

Some customers might agree to provide a photo or even a video testimonial, which adds another layer of trustworthiness to their story.

SEO Gets
SEO Gets

SEO Gets displays testimonials from their targeted audience in the industry such as SEO agencies, and content marketers. How smart is that?

Remember, the most convincing testimonials are unscripted and genuine, so keep it real.

Is There A Way To Display Testimonials For Maximum Impact?

Indeed! To amplify the impact of testimonials, position them where they're likely to be seen on your homepage, product pages, or even on a dedicated testimonials page.

Use an attractive layout, readable fonts, and include as much detail as the customer is comfortable sharing, such as names, locations, and pictures if possible.

With Senja and Testimonial, you could easily display a wall of love and highlight critcal information for users' testimonials to make it stand out.

OpenGraph - Wall of Love
OpenGraph - Wall of Love

Make sure every testimonial gets the spotlight it deserves.

How Do You Handle Negative Feedback?

While positive testimonials are fantastic, don’t sweep the negative feedback under the rug. Engage with unhappy customers to solve their issues. This approach can not only turn a dissatisfied customer into a happy one but also provide an authentic view of your customer service level. Sometimes, these recovery stories even make great testimonials!

Take each piece of criticism as an opportunity to improve and show your commitment to customer satisfaction.

What About Video Testimonials? Are They Effective?

Video testimonials are incredibly effective! They bring a face, voice, and emotion to the customer's experience, making them powerful and persuasive. If you can, encourage customers to share their stories on video. These don’t have to be high-production—authentic, smartphone-quality testimonials can be just as effective.

In a world where seeing is believing, video testimonials can be the proof that tips the scales.

Can Social Media Be A Source of Testimonials?

Yes, social media and review sites are goldmines for testimonials!

Monitor your social media channels for positive comments and messages. With permission, these comments can be repurposed as testimonials on your website.

It's easy to import reviews from social media and review sites with Senja and Testimonial

Senja - Import Testimonial
Senja - Import Testimonial

Additionally, encourage customers to post their experiences and tag your brand. Not only does this create content for your channels, but it also spreads the word to their followers.

Embrace the conversation about your brand on social media, and let your customers become your most significant advocates.


Collecting and displaying user testimonials is a strategic move akin to having a cheering squad for your brand right on your website. The importance of these personal endorsements cannot be overstressed.

User testimonials are the proof in the pudding, the real-world experiences that potential customers seek out before making the decision to trust a new brand.

Remember, a testimonial is more than just a review; it's a story of satisfaction and success that speaks volumes to your audience, and that’s something truly worth collecting.

Implement the tips shared in this guide, and watch your online presence powered by the voices of your contented customers flourish.

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